Penny Corner Road


By Philip M. Mathis

In Penny Corner Road, his first book of short stories, Mathis draws heavily on personal recollections of growing up in western Kentucky during the 1950s.

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Mathis’ vivid imagery of bygone days is nothing less than delightful!  From the horse-drawn plowing of a field to a family Christmas, he gets the reader’s full attention. Booklovers will enjoy such characters as Roy B., a teenager straight out of Tobacco Road, T-Boy, and Uncle Melvin, a man “. . . like a snowflake born in the heavens to fall silently through the air, softly kiss the ground, and melt away.”

Ellen Kelley, award-winning poet and novelist

Ride along with Phil Mathis on dirt and gravel roads to 1950s western Kentucky, a place where mischief-makers harass cigarette-puffing bus drivers, teachers bribe fifth graders with passages of Tom Sawyer, and heroes follow horse-drawn plows. This collection of stories, adeptly pieced and wrought as a quilt, paced steady as an old fiddle tune, is part coming-of-age, all bucolic. Love letters for a less complicated time, these stories resonate in the tradition of Kentucky writers Wendell Berry, Jesse Stuart, and James Still.

Kory Wells, author of Heaven Was the Moon


Philip M. Mathis is a nationally recognized science educator who enjoys creative writing. His poems appear in Pegasus, The Journal of Kentucky Studies, The Inkslinger, The Avocet and in two books: Time and Tradition (Twin Oaks Press, 2011) and Wandering in the Woods (Xlibris, 2012). Penny Corner Road, his first book of short stories, draws heavily on personal recollections of growing up in western Kentucky during the 1950s. Now living in Tennessee, he enjoys antique collecting, bird watching, nature walks, and winter migrations to Florida and Arizona.

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